Are you are stressed about your bills and don't know how to create a margin to pay off your debt and save money? Possibly all your credit cards are maxed out and you have no clear plan for your future.

Thinking about retirement feels heavy because you don't feel you have enough disposable income to save for that.

You tried writing all your bills down to create a "budget" but you forgot to include life, so when life happened, you threw your budget out the door.

Hi I'm Mayra!

In 2010, I like you was stressed out about our bills, we were in a house we couldn't afford, we had two car loans, student loans and credit cards. Our mortgage alone was 48% of our take home pay. We had enough, we learned to budget and a few years later I created The Cash Flow Method.

In 2012, we were able to eliminate all of my consumer debt.

Numbers are my jam, give this girl a spreadsheet and I'm happy! My husband on the other hand is a visual learner that needed me to keep things simple and practical.

When I created the Cash Flow Method he was all in!

With The Cash Flow Method, you'll see where every penny is. It will enable you to make choices in advance and avoid stressful money situations. You'll feel empowered!

You have two choices, you can lose sleep over your debt or you can take action and get it under control now!


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